We are all Brexited


The Brexit referendum, and its aftermath, has led to blood, sweat and tears; both in (now global) Britain and in the (now isolated) Continent.

Almost one year after, the streets of London remain their usual vibrant and full of life. And yet, something may be starting to change if you know where to look.

Let us have an ironic look into those Brexiteers and Remainers that still share the same country but are not sure where they are heading to.

Old and new generations voted very differently, the former about imagined past glories and the later about their future…Empire versus Erasmus?

Britain is already global, economically but also socially and ethnically…much ado about nothing?

Migrants are there, keep coming and nobody can reverse this trend…whatever UKIP, and now the government, promise.

…and Brick Lane is not about to become an English pub.

Back to the Commonwealth…or keep enjoying wealth in common?

Was Brexit about money?…it seems money is not starting to rain over London or the NHS….False promises?

On the contrary, many City yuppies are starting to learn French…and to ask existential questions: do Brussels, Luxembourg or Paris offer the best tax deals and dating services?

Elections are looming in the horizon, politicians get speedy again…where is UKIP hiding?

Is Brexit going to be part of the electoral horse-trading?

Could a Pro-Remain dark horse suddenly emerge?

People continue to rush…going nowhere or back to the start?

Is Brexit going to be hard or soft? Brutal or caring?

…as in any divorce, children and housing should be handled carefully…

Art. 50 have been triggered…but people only care about other articles

Britain will remain in Europe, Europeans will stay there and the rest of the world will continue to enjoy watching their passionate intercourse…

The only certainty is that young people fear for their future.

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