The whole world seemed to have converged in New York at the end of September 2015, from Pope Francis to Barak Obama, from Xi Jimping of China to Narendra Modi of India. Over 150 world leaders gathered at the United Nations building on 1st Avenue to bless the new Sustainable Development Goals, and agenda to transform the world for the better by 2030. Amid much fanfare and in front of thousands of TV cameras, they delivered speech after lofty speech about the new brave world they have agreed to create.

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The objective is simply to make her/his life better in 17 different and very important ways. If these promises are fulfilled, when (s)he is 15 years old, (s)he will live in a totally transformed world. Even partially achieving the following 17 SDGs would change her/his life and the planet (s)he will live in.

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Will her life be really transformed, from fear and deprivation to happiness and abundance? It is easy to be skeptical after so many unfulfilled promises over the last seven decades of UN summitry.

However, this was the first time in human history that all the countries in the world thoroughly discussed and happily agreed how they would like their societies, economies and environment to be 15 years ahead. This was no imposition from richer or stronger countries on the poorer or weaker ones, no technocratic blueprint from some UN agency, but rather the result of three years of discussions, involving millions of people, from all walks of life, government, academia and civil society.

Goal 1

Extreme poverty has been reduced sharply over the last 30 years, mostly in Asia, and unbelievable as it may seem, it is possible for the first time in human history to eradicate it within a generation. We have the resources and the technology, we only need the political will and the right policies and governance.

1- end poverty

Goal 2

With nobody going to bed hungry or having to face chronic malnutrition. Ensuring food security and avoiding food waste.

2- end hunger jpg

Goal 3_

Living healthy lives, enjoying health care and healthy environments. Swimming in beaches instead of using them as toilets.

3-ensure healthy lives

Goal 4

Allowing her to study as her brother, from kindergarten to university, receiving quality education.


Goal 5

Avoiding age old divergences between men and women, in access to education opportunities, jobs equally paid and legal protection.


Goal 6

With access to clean water a right and not a luxury, and proper sanitation available to all.

6-water & sanitation

Goal 7

Using renewable energies instead of burning fossil fuels, providing sustainable energy for consumers and producers.


Goal 8

Providing decent jobs and opportunities for all, making economic growth sustainable and inclusive.

8- Economy, employement

Goal 9

And the necessary public and private infrastructure to promote industrial growth and jobs.


Goal 10

Reducing the currently enormous and growing income and opportunity gaps, that are not only morally unacceptable but also economically detrimental and politically explosive.

10- inequality

Goal 11

Making cities more livable, reversing the mushrooming of slums and providing the hard and soft infrastructure to ensure quality of life.

11- settlements safe

Goal 12

Producing and consuming respecting planetary boundaries, recycling and avoiding waste towards a circular economy.

12- sust consumption Modifier
Goal 13

Reversing global warning to avoid climate catastrophe before it is too late, limiting temperature rises with its impacts on sea levels, failing crops and catastrophic weather phenomena.

13- climate change
Goal 14

Protecting the ocean and seas from growing pollution, reversing the depletion of marine biodiversity and fisheries resources.

14- oceans, seas
Goal 15

Ensuring our nature is respected and not treated as a garbage dump, reversing deforestation and the destruction of biodiversity.

15- eco, forest biodiv
Goal 16

Reducing and preventing conflict, developing transparent, effective and responsive institutions, providing everyone with access to justice.

Goal 17

Working all together to implement this agenda, internationally and in each country. Public institutions, civil society and private sector collaborating and creating partnership for our interconnected world.

17-Global partnership

Is the world ready to walk the talk?

Are we willing to march together towards a better future?


We now know what needs to be done, we have all committed to it, now we need to move from plan to implementation…
let’s do it!

Otherwise, S(he), and all of us on the planet, will pay the price

It may well be our last opportunity.

the world we want

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