Street Core Photography

Curated by Michail Fotografia on Street Core Photography “Winter 2015 Selection”


Remains of a Wreck © Ximena Echagüe


EVALUATION: I have given up trying to do street photography in the prosaic Belgium. True, Oostende was a surprise but it still remained within the tourist trap of the long beaches and of the ordinary architectural shots.

And here comes the author (another expat) to teach me that I am wrong. Well, I am wrong and delighted.

There was (is) a trend with conceptual color photography. With projects trying to transmit the atmosphere of a decadent bourgeoisie. Series of photos taken in swimming pools with the residents staged in front of the camera and with the photographers in the role of a director. Very respectful results, with medium format cameras, excellent execution under perfect lighting … the works.

And here comes again the author of the present picture to remind us that all these fancy and complex projects, with the huge logistics, we simply … don’t need them.

If this decadent society has a reason to be recorded and documented (for the historians), there must be also a reason that it even exists. Or is there? A reason?

The position of the human subjects is so significant if we want to look for an answer to the above question. Man’s best friend is at the same time the only alert mind around.

The photographer saw the frame materializing in front of her eyes and she didn’t even have the need to lower down for a better perspective. And indeed, the surreal background is a mountain of doubts about the use of these hills of sand and construction material. The very clear context given by the product tags (Visit Oostende, Betafence, Julius Canine) is serving the opposite of clarity: It underlines the absurdity of the occidental organizational delirium.

Myself, I am also leaving this frame with a question. What could be the photographer’s obsession? Could it be? “Is anybody alive in this part of the earth?”.

September 24th, 2014

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