I grew up in Buenos Aires, became a photographer in Europe, and now living in NYC. My life journey has clearly influenced the way I look at the world and at the condition of the people around me.

I have always lived in big cities with a sizable floating population, people in the move searching for a new life, which naturally led me to empathise with their hopes and also with the struggles they have to face.

I am interested in the trajectory that explains the human condition, the internal conflict, the dynamic and the story behind whom and where we are now.

At the present time, I am working on several photographic projects, including notably:

Odyssey: trying to show migrants’ daily life in Brussels, how distorted the image of passive victimhood is for many of them. Their real story is one of courage, drive, and resourcefulness, overcoming all odds to build a decent life (Brussels)

– NY Soul: this series steps indoors to discover real New Yorkers in their private environment, showing their inner lives and self-image. Together, in their diversity, they form the soul of this city

Remains of a Wreck: the tragedy and comedy of a decadent summer resort out of fashion and out of season (Ostend Belgium and Ostend Argentina)

Contradictions: a personal photographic work on inequalities, contradictions, and absurdities of modern society in Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia (itinerant exhibition under preparation)