Ostend, Remains of a Wreck – Belgium

Ostend, in Belgium, reflects various kinds of decadence, of feeling of the end of an era.

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First, the city and its beach that used to be the gathering place for the wealthy and chic Europeans one century ago and has now become a sleepy and rather dilapidated resort, mostly forgotten but still retaining a charming “fin de siècle” atmosphere.


Then, the summer, after a long grey winter typical of northern Europe, where People are eager to absorb as much light as possible.


Lastly, a mix of the old ones and the unemployed, that can afford to lay on the beach during working days, looking lost, abandoned, bored, even disheartened.


“Remains of a Wreck” tries to capture these three different but complementary feelings, few and isolated people, in a place almost forgotten.


And yet, despite this gloomy framework, life continues, people strive, colour abounds, situations are often funny, beauty can be found, in other words, hope remains.

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