Ostend, Remains of a Wreck – Argentina

Two Ostends, one in Europe and another in South America, share a similar decadence and plenty of irony.

The one in Belgium, has the feeling of the end of an era. The beach resort that used to be the gathering place for the wealthy and chic Europeans a century ago and has now become sleepy and rather dilapidated, mostly forgotten but still retaining a charming fin de siècle atmosphere.

The one in Argentina, created at around the same time by Belgian migrants intend in replicating in the South Atlantic the resort they knew well. But the vagaries of history, both personal and of their new country, never allowed for this idea to really flourish.

I tried to explore the transient nature of human experience, how places boom and bust and the ironic similarities between European decadence, grandeur turning into farce, and the stagnation of its American cousin, adventure leading nowhere.