Nassera Dutour : Striving to Break the Silence

This long term project about Nassera Dotour’s life has begun in Paris in 2015 and consists of two parts: images of her daily life and her own reflections captured by Laure Gréban.

Nassera Dutour is the founder and spokesperson for the Collective of the Families of the Disappeared in Algeria (CFDA) and Chair of the Euro-Mediterranean Federation on Forced Disappearances (FEMED). She has offices in Paris, Oran and Algiers.

Since 1997, the year of the disappearance of her son Amine, she has been striving to break the silence surrounding forced disappearances in her country. She works directly with the families of the disappeared, informing them of their rights and helping them engage state institutions.

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Nassera and I share a common background, as we both come from countries with a well-known history of dictatorship and forced disappearances as Argelia and Argentina. Laure Gréban, who has a Master Degree in Human Rights, has worked professionally since 2005 on enforced disappearances in different countries including Argentina and Algeria, and has worked with Nassera.

This is a project about a woman made by other two women with three different nationalities, cultures, generations and languages.

Our aim is to portrait her daily struggle in the search for truth and justice on the Algeria political disappearances at the hands of security forces. Moreover, this is an intimate portrait of a woman and a mother, before being an activist.

We are following Nassera in her campaign to uncover the truth about her son’s fate and bring those responsible to justice.

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